Money for the class trip or the sports club?


Earn money for
The class or association
A quick and easy way
to earn money for e.g. school trip

With over 50 years in the business, we know which flavours sell best!
We’ll help you mix the best blend for the best results

You start by registering as a school/association, so you can access the sales packages etc. in our webshop. Under school class/association, you will find different sales packages to choose from. If you have any other requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. We always give 30 days credit to school classes and associations.

After you have chosen your package and we have received your order, we will manufacture it immediately and send it as soon as the production is finished. The delivery time is 5-7 days. Your goods will always be sent free of charge to 1 address of your choice within Sweden.

Once you have received your polka dough biscuits, you divide them according to the wishes of each person. You should then also decide how to sell them on to the customer. Piece by piece and or quantity offer.

Anyone selling it should also know (as many customers ask about this) that the polka rice is lactose and gluten-free and made entirely by hand from natural ingredients. Polka daisies thrive best in dry climates and at room temperature. Then the shelf life will be approx: 6 months. The polka rice is an exception in the Food Act and does not need a date stamp.

We recommend that you buy both polka dots and caramel cones to get a wider clientele. Children usually eat polka dots and the elderly like caramels.
You decide what price you sell the polka dough for, but for the polka dough we can recommend 20:- each or 6 for 100: – and the ostriches you should sell for at least 25:- each or 5 for 100: -. A bulk offer is always popular.

Some will sell more and some will sell less. So it’s always difficult to know how many products to buy. A lot depends on how long you have to sell and how eager everyone is to make money. But think before you buy as we cannot accept returns as the polka rice is a fresh product.

It is very difficult to say exactly how much money you will make as you will be selling both by the piece and by the package. What we have counted in the packages is in the case of unit sales.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach us both by phone: 0390 – 103 69 and by e-mail:

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